Email sent to the UW AAUP Mailing List, 10/30/2021

I sent the following email to the AAUP mailing list at UW:

  From Sat Oct 30 09:02:12 2021
  Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 09:02:12 -0700 (PDT)
  From: Stuart Reges <>
  To: Faculty Issues and Concerns <>
  Subject: reactions to graffiti

  I was not surprised to hear about graffiti showing up on campus.  Young 
  people often do immature things in college.  But I found the response to 
  the graffiti informative.

  On October 12th when I arrived on campus I noticed that the Paul G. Allen 
  building had been spray painted with the phrase "DEATH 2 AMERICA" in 
  extremely large letters.  In two other places the phrase "LAND BACK" 
  appeared.  The Allen School director mentioned in an email to CSE faculty 
  that she had requested cleaning services, but otherwise there was no 
  particular concern expressed.

  Fast forward to October 22nd when racist graffiti was discovered in 
  bathrooms in the Allen School and the response was quite different.  The 
  Dean of Engineering sent a 300+ word message to the entire college 
  (students, faculty, and staff) saying that she was "deeply troubled" by 
  the incident.  The Allen School director sent a follow-up message saying 
  she was "horrified."  And then a member of this list suggested that 
  perhaps the incident should be reported to the FBI.

  Why such a different response?  Anarchists can challenge the existing 
  social order with an actual threat of violence and our response is to call 
  cleaning services while immature comments interpreted as racist are so 
  troubling and horrifying that the entire community needs to be warned and 
  we consider bringing in the FBI.

  There seems to be a double standard at work here.

  --Stuart Reges, Teaching Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

  I acknowledge that by the labor theory of property the Coast Salish people 
  can claim historical ownership of almost none of the land currently 
  occupied by the University of Washington.

I'm not sure why they censored this message. They don't give an explanation. They say, "our decision is that it would be better placed elsewhere." They posted three separate messages about the allegedly racist graffiti but weren't willing to post even one message about the other graffiti incident that I described.

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